Get Athletic Movement Capacity

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GET BENDY is Your At-Home Mobility Solution to Build a Better Golf Body - Now through May 31 
What can 5 days of mobility focus do for you? A LOT! 
It's easy (and FREE) to get the guide--5 videos & 5 action guides--taught to 100's of golfers. Get access here to the course (taught this past January 2022) to gain mobility in these 5 areas: 
Day 1: Arm Your shoulders
    Day 2: Set your wrists/forearms for impact
    Day 3: Use your spine for sequence
    Day 4: Get grounded through ankles/toes
    Day 5: Get your hips in the house!

Mobility is THE foundation of efficient movement and ... YES you can make improvements at any age.  Start now completely free, no commitment required.

Click below so you can begin to BUILD THE BODY YOU NEED TO DELIVER THE SWING YOUR DESIRE. *expires May 31, 2022